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9 years on LJ

Since I know I won't remember in November when it comes up, this year I will celebrate my 9th anniversary of my Livejournal, and my 11th year in the Fandom.. I remember that [ profile] rainbow_roo gave me the invite code so long ago, and I resolve to post more, I wish this community is what it was, lively, and active, like it was, but more so. - and to another 9 years.

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You and me both. :(
tiggles: (tongue)

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It's coming up on my eighth on LJ, and my twelfth connected to furry fandom (though I've never been quite as involved as you have). My early contact with furry fandom was all through USEnet, and because it was pretty much the only widely distributed and easily available place, just about everybody was there. These days there are so many different places that there's no place that gets even a large minority of folks...

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I've been a fur since Summer '00.

My first LJ entry was made August 24, 2002.

It may have been eclipsed in popularity by MySpace, Facebook and Twitter in recent years, but it's here, and my journal will be as well, for as long as the servers are live.

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Oct 13th 2002. I feel so old.

Seems like as time as progressed this site has faded off to crap like facebook and twatter.

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It has it's ups and down. :)

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I got my start around 2006 I believe. Maybe late 05