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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 07:54 pm (UTC)
I don't see how the Republican party has changed much since the days of President Reagan, and that constitutes my entire lifetime. The one thing that we do share agreement on is that the GOP needs to improve on being a big tent party. I am particularly frustrated by the rejection of gay conservatives and Republicans by the mainstream establishment. I also think that the GOP needs to do a better job appealing to racial minorities. The Republican party will not survive as an 'all white party', though the main reason why minorities lean so strongly to the Democratic party and liberalism is because of cognitive dissonance, brainwashing, and slavery to welfare. Conservatives need to do better at breaking those chains.

I also have several friends, who while being actively gay, are also Neoconservatives and see no issue with their personal needs for equal rights, and the party's call for in some cases recriminalization of homosexuality.

I have seen no such calls from the mainstream Republican party to recriminalize homosexuality. I know that there are fringe, ultra-conservative Christians that would like sodomy laws enacted again, but I do not believe they make up a significant force in the conservative movement. Sodomy laws certainly are not a priority issue among the Republican party. I don't know of any of the Republican candidates running for president who have called for reviving sodomy laws.

As for 'equal rights', that could mean anything. I assume that you are referring to the issue of marriage. I don't understand why we need state sanctioned gay marriage. If I found another man that I wanted to commit myself to for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly fine with a civil union which affords nearly all the same legal protections as marriage. I don't need the state defined title of 'marriage' to validate my relationship. So if by 'equal rights' you are referring to legal rights, I agree. But I do not agree that government or society needs to adopt the idea that gay marriage and traditional marriage are entirely equal and the same in every way when they clearly are not.


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