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GOP seems to be approaching the debt/deficit question from a philosophical perspective. Everyone else is using math.

(Found on Twitter)

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About the only math I am seeing involved is:
Spending > Revenue

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I think the best way is about 3-4 dollars in cuts, for every dollar of new revenue.

There are so many easy to cut tax loopholes we can get rid of, without increasing the overall taxation rate.

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The problem is that it is not in Obama's interest to cut spending.

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Could you link me? I'm curious now.

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I didnt catch who tweeted it, and its far enough back in my timeline that I'm not sure I can find it.

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The two logical ways to reduce the deficit are to reduce spending and increase revenue. Cutting taxes reduces revenue, and works counter to reductions in spending. Despite the GOP's claim that tax cuts promote economic growth, historical evidence actually runs contrary to this. So yes, philosophy vs. math and evidence.