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Winding Road

Where to you lead-you black, winding ribbon?
Through smoky cities with skyscrapers high-
Past factories and stores, past men and women,
Beyond the horizon, to meet the sky?
Do you travel through fields all fenced with rails-
Or past stately spruce that whisper and call-
Become peaceful road, or wandering trail
In a forest of ferns and pine trees tall?
Do you ramble through a New England town,
Past salt box houses and curio shops,
Past fishing vessels that bob up and down,
Or silent farmers who harvest their crops?

Lead me, you may, to many new places,
Or home again to familiar faces.

-- Marian Smith

(Published in a NY Telephone Newsletter, circa 1959/1960)

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and I chose the road less traveled by
and that has made all the difference