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Aloha's Life Goals.

I want to know more people who want to make the world better.
I want to leave a better place then was left to me.
I want to be happy.
I want everyone around me to be happy.
I don't want to be alone even if I'm single till I die.

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I hope you not only meet, but exceed all these goals.
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I gives you a *HUG* my friend

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You know me, and I'm a world bender. :)

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Your still young. You'll be able to reach 'em. :)

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Those are all excellent goals :)

Although, the last one is confusing to me. You don't want to be alone, even if you're single until you die. Isn't that redundant? Or do you mean some other alternative of not being alone but still being single? Or do you mean that you will never want to be alone no matter how old you are?

I'm going to assume that you just don't want to be alone, period :)

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I want community, more then anything, that extended family thing that we all look for.

From a letter I recently wrote "I want Happiness over Wealth, and Community over power - not that I would decline either wealth or power, but I do not seek them, and would only take them if they were beneficial to my primary goal - of happiness"

I write to much better when I do it long hand.